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“An unusually powerful debut” 4* Songlines Magazine

“This Poor Strange Girl has given us a beautiful and thoughtfully sequenced disc with year-best writ all over it.” fRoots

“An astute and tender album. A must have release.” 4* Maverick Magazine

“Her voice shines out of the music.” 4* R2 Magazine

“This record sets musical standards few established artists could match. Just stunning.” Living Tradition Magazine

“She’s a Yorkshire lass, sings beautifully, great keyboards player as well and she’s done an album full- absolutely chock full of great songs and great tunes” “I love it!” Mike Harding, The Mike Harding Folk Show podcast #170 & #171

 “Alice Jones is a seriously impressive singer of traditional songs, eschewing the leanings of cuteness that turn me right off a number of the newer batch of female singers. Jones doesn’t sing like a fake little girlie, she sings like a genuine adult.” fRoots Magazine (270)

“…a singer of character and distinction, deft instrumentalist and no mean dancer.” R2 Magazine

“Jones’ clear, bright singing… sounds strikingly modern.” Songlines Magazine

“Superb, sincere vocals.” Verity Sharp, BBC Radio 3

“A talented singer and versatile instrumentalist in her own right and an enthusiastic foot-percussionist too!” The Living Tradition Magazine (102)

“Her voice is clear, unpretentious and blessed with an appropriate Tyke-ish twang…” English Dance and Song Magazine

“Jones’ reading of “A Sprig of Thyme” manages to convey both fragile sadness and inner strength simultaneously.” R2 Magazine

“Alice has a supple and pleasing singing voice with plenty of life, while her way with a song is thoughtful and considered…” The Living Tradition Magazine (102)