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Recently a couple of tracks from my brand spanking new debut solo album “Poor Strange Girl” have featured on The Mike Harding Folk Show. Here are links to both shows and a few of the very lovely comments made by Mr Harding himself…

Podcast #170 – 27th March 2016 (features track no.1 from the album “Poor Strange Girl” at no.17 on the playlist)

“She’s a Yorkshire lass, sings beautifully, great keyboards player as well and she’s done an album full- absolutely chock full of great songs and tunes”

“I love this track”

Podcast #171 – 3rd April 2016 (features track no.2 from the album “Woody Knows Nothing” at no.8 on the playlist)

“I played a track from the album on the show last week and I’ve been playing the album ever since. I love it”

“I do love the fact that she’s still got a lovely soft Yorkshire accent.”

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