It’s been a pretty hectic summer for me and I’ve had so many fabulous experiences and opportunities over the last few weeks!

It all started at Sidmouth Folk Festival for a bit of backstage management alongside the brilliant Ham Venue crew, punctuated by a little mid-week recording session with the very lovely Phil Beer (news on that at a later date). That was followed by a couple of concerts at one of my most favourite festivals – Dartmoor Folk Festival, where I also managed to secure 3rd place in the stepdance competition (very proud of that :)). I then managed about half a day of recovery time before gadding off to Brittany with Ryburn Longsword as guests of traditional Breton dance team Liviou Kerrien. We performed at festivals, danced the night away at Fest Noz’s, swam in the sea (in actual warm water at 9pm which was a bit of a culture shock for me…!) and generally had an immensely fun time. I’ll be heading back over there very soon for some gigs and possible recording very soon hopefully! Then onwards to the absolutely brilliant Shrewsbury Folk Festival where I played for and danced with the legendary (infamous) JD and Folk! It was great to hang out with Dan and my brother Jake, and even better to be able to do a bit of stepdancing too! The final official festival of the summer season was our local traditional Rushbearing Festival which was a little bit on the rainy side but fun nonetheless and an excellent way to celebrate the end of summer. Thanks to everyone who made this summer totally amazing!

Here are a few photos and videos of some of the things I got up to on my travels…